Dialogue International was founded in 1981 in Turin on the back of the founder’s twenty years’ experience in translations. Our success in the international translation market stems from our Europe-wide network of professional, exclusively mother-tongue translators. Dialogue International’s aim is to provide its clients with translations of a high quality standard in all sectors. Before delivery, all our translations are thoroughly edited. All this means that Dialogue International can provide highly accurate translations whose message reaches the client with the right words in the right place.







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Alan Nixon

Alan Nixon took an MA degree in English at the University of Glasgow. During that time he edited G.U.M., the longest running university magazine in the United Kingdom.

On his arrival in Italy he taught English and also found work revising medical texts for the Minerva Medica publishing house. He worked as a journalist for the Glasgow Herald, which also published a number of his short stories. He later became European correspondent for the New York journal Medical Tribune. In 1969 he wrote his first novel, “Item 7” (published by Bodley Head in the UK, Simon & Schuster in the USA and Garzanti in Italy under the title “Progetto 7”).

His second novel “The Attack on Vienna” came out in 1970 (published by Bodley Head in the UK, St. Martin’s Press in the USA and Presses de la cité in France under the title “Rhapsodie viennoise”) which made him by right a member of the American Authors Guild.

Later he was called to Rome by ENI to carry out and organise a huge translation project and in the early ‘Eighties he contributed to the Iveco VIP project, holding lectures at Marentino for Fiat management on the problems arising from badly translated business documents. As part of this project, he prepared a glossary of management terminology in four languages which was distributed as an insert with the magazine “Espansione”.

In the wake of all this experience he founded Dialogue International in 1981. Among his many other activities, he has played an active role in the Italian chess world and was a member of the Organising Committee of the 2006 Chess Olympiad held in Turin.

Today Dialogue is in the capable hands of Alan’s son Andrea who has given the company that injection of vitality and creative thinking so necessary in a world that demands the very best.

The right words. In the right place. In all languages.

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